Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty.. Pretentious?

Though I would eat anything that tastes good regardless of what it looks like, there is something that much more fun about eating food that looks good. Proper presentation allures and excites the mind in preparation for the sensation to come - a combination of the sight, smell and taste sensory inputs all contribute to the final impression.

I am always impressed when it comes to the presentation of Japanese food, or food done by Japanese chains. One only has to look at sushi rolls dressed to the nines, decadent bento boxes or sukiyaki with everything arranged neatly, or in this case... cakes!

Though cakes (of the Western style) haven't been around in Japan for so long, they quickly gained prominence and are a great way for pastry chefs to display decorating skill with fanciful and imaginative designs.

This cafe in the Raffles City basement - Fruits Paradise - serves up some of the most delightful-looking fruit tarts I have ever seen! The sign could almost be mistaken for saying 'Fruit ART Shop' as opposed to 'Fruit TART Shop'; it would still be fitting! Here's a sample:

I haven't yet had the chance to try these tarts yet, but aren't they beautiful? And at $7.80 a slice, rather steep too. According to reviews though, they are not that tasty. Reports say too much cream, an insubstantial crust, and lack of co-ordination over all. Is beauty only skin deep? I'm sure I'll get the chance to find out..

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  1. Those pies are awesome!! Not only do they look nice but they taste really really delicious. yum, yum. I highly recommend the mango flavored and the strawberry mango ones. They taste absolutely awesome; you really have to try it out!! :D :D