Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's gonna get messy.

Though spoiled for choice when it comes to eating in Singapore, if there is one thing I am always keen for, it's a damn fast food burger. Call it a whim, call it a weakness - I can't help myself!!

One of the things I had looked forward to when I first spied it in the basement of Ion was Carl's Junior. We don't have this chain in New Zealand, so I had actually only experienced it vicariously through Tim's wide-eyed recounts of his life in America. "Yeah man, we used to head down to Carl's Junior after school, and their chili cheeseburger..... *insert groaning noises here*" This post is for you, Tim!!

Well I wasn't about to stop myself. I didn't end up ordering the chili cheeseburger, it seemed like a bit much for my first time. I'll save it for another day!

Here's my meal: The Big Carl, Texas Toothpicks, Lemon Tea.

The Texas Toothpicks are a new side dish - crispy battered strips of onion and jalapeno! I subbed my fries out for these as soon as I saw them.

Burger unboxing - The presentation is beautiful. Grease-free yellow cardboard box opening to reveal a tidy burger wrapped in white paper. There was also a great cheesy charred smell wafting out as soon as I opened the box!

The Big Carl - two standard patties, two slices of cheese, lettuce and special sauce. Sound familiar? Yes, the makeup is similar to a big mac, just without the middle bun!

The similarities end there, however. The toasted sesame bun tastes a lot more fresh than any McDonalds bun I have ever had, and is soft and springy, with that white roll flavour. Stayed in one piece throughout and didn't let any juice out!

The patties are closer to Burger King's than McDonalds'; I ascribe this to the char. While BK supposedly flame-grills theirs, Carl's Junior char-broils, leading to a slightly juicier patty. The flavour is fresher and beefier.

Melted American cheese slices are creamier and milder than those of other chains, and somehow seem a little less artificial. Don't know if I was overwhelmed by the experience, but they really seemed better! The special sauce was not much to talk about - not like the thousand island of a Big Mac, but not that exciting either.

Overall, a decent fast food burger, if a little pricey ($9 for the meal). Would nom again.

Texas Toothpicks were great, if a little greasy. Very crispy and it was to get a variety of jalapenos (not hot) and onions in there. Onion rings are pretty much my favourite side - could eat these forever. Good with the hot salsa (pictured at the back).

It was only after I had eaten my meal that I spied this on the tray-liner:

Well, they probably should have warned me before-hand!! Wasn't a messy meal for me, but I have a feeling it would be a different story if I ate the chili cheeseburger.. That's still on my to-do list, but with all the other local delights still to try, may not happen for a while yet!


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