Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Staple

Sorry long time no update! Been busy with work organising the new media kit and prepping for our big launch party this weekend! More coverage of that to come!! For now here's a quick one:

One of the things I love about Asia in general is the BREAD! Boring, it seems, right? But you really just don't get this kind of bread in Western countries! 'Asian' style bread is very different from Western style - is is generally softer and sweeter, and we eat it less often in loaves and rolls, and more often with various random fillings and toppings. The Japanese, especially, are very creative when it comes to their bread! More on that later :D

Here are some of the bread shops in my neighbourhood and some of the delights I have already sampled:

Bread Talk is a chain of bakeries serving up delicious fresh breads - mostly lunch-type rolls with toppings.

Row upon row of assorted pastries and breads - fillings include sausage, ham, corn, curry, cheese, egg, and even caesar salad and roast meats!!

They even have a chiller for cold desserts, and various flavour sponge cakes.

My meal for the day: Ham and Corn Bread, Cheese Sausage Roll, Chicken Curry Roll with Parmesan.

These breads were my lunch another day. Don't know what Bak Kwa is but the Chinese says dried meat. It was the kind of sweet dried meats that you can buy in squares. As well as this, there were spring onions and black and white sesame seeds - Yum!

I love this! Not just because of the funky name - Smart Aleck =P Sweet puff pastry filled with chantilly cream custard! Delish.

Just a short post for now - I'm sure I'll be eating more floury delights before I'm through here :D

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