Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mid-morning Snack!

Feeling a bit peckish this morning cos we rolled out of bed late and didn't have time to grab the usual teh peng on our way to work! 10:30am was the perfect time to head downstairs to the hawker centre and sample some more of the local fare.

This little stall in the middle of the row is so unassuming and yet....

... Double signage advertising their specialty - CURRY PUFF! Curry puff is a favourite amongst the eating group in Auckland - there ain't many places to get it back home though =( Everyone implored me to not only eat as much of it as I could here, but to bring some back for them!!

This place is even featured in the Yummy Guide 2009! That MUST mean its yummy right?!

$1.00 for a curry puff? Bargain! Give me 10!!

What lovely delights lie in this unassuming plastic bag I wonder..? Surely not 10 curry puffs?!?!

Naww.. Just 4 =) Peeking out from within their containment, tempting me with their aroma, and promises of hidden delights.

Look how beautiful she is!! Golden, fried crust. Slightly crispy and butter-flaky on the tongue, not too dense, not too light, and with no oily residue or pastry sticking on the teeth. Pretty damn near to perfect if I do say so myself as an inexperienced curry puff critic! This is looking like my new addiction.. and a dangerous one (for the waistline) at that.

The autopsy shot: delicious dry curry filling - small chunks of potato, onion and chicken. Usually the curry puffs are vegetarian, but the chicken just made it that much better! And even a surprise quarter boiled egg in the centre! I was delighted with the depth of flavour in the curry here - cardamom and tumeric were the primary flavours, but with a decent mild chili kick and an overall balanced taste - it was neither too bland nor too spicy. I will be back!

Leave you with the angel shot (or overexposure, as they call it..) Jealous much?

In Jean's opinion the curry puff here is "pretty good" but the one at Old Chang Kee is her favourite. Why? The chili kick! I'll be sure to check it out so I have something to compare too. For now though, see you tomorrow morning Foo Kee Curry Puff!

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