Wednesday, February 24, 2010

/End Hiatus

My apologies for being so slack with the blogging recently! (And by recent, I mean the last 4 months.. ><) Have had stuff to deal with RE uni, work, holidaying.... erm.. yeah. And just laziness in general, y'all know me.

Here's the end of the hiatus - and with it a new new beginning - Singapore! Eating capital of SE Asia! (bar my beloved HK of course, does this count as SE Asia?)

You can read about my Singapore travels over at but here is where I will be posting all FOOD related stuff. And there will be a LOT of food. Singapore - home of the Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Crab Bee Hoon.... yeah.. there will be lots of crab. And Chicken Rice stalls as far as the eye can see! HEAVEN!

Just a heads up, my good friend James will be starting up a sweepstakes on facebook as to how much weight I will gain!! Wahahaha... expect me to keep good tabs on this and keep updated for tips as to how I'm doing! You'll be able to read about the food I eat, what I drink, how much daily consumption is going on - and how much exercise I'm doing! (HA!) Know by now that I am prone to excess, especially where good damn food is involved. Tip #1: When I was last in TW, I gained 3kg solid over just less than 2 weeks. Damn that good street food! Expect more of the same in SG? Wait and seeeeee :P Join the sweepstakes and be in to win!

Today - the first day. Here's what I ate.... on the Emirates flight from Auckland to Brisbane:

Pineapple Pecan Cake served with Vanilla Sauce Anglaise. Meh. I always eat the cake first while I wait for my bread to heat up --------->

I hate the airplane bread being served cold! I remember once upon a time when airplane bread was served hot.. those times are long gone. Tip for travelers who prefer their bread hot - cut in half and lay face down on the top of your sizzling hot main tray. Hot bread perfect for buttering! Yum!

Anchor spreadable butter, Kapiti Egmont with Arnotts crackers, Emirates chocolate! What more could one ask for?

Cajun lamb loin salad with roasted vegetables and beetroot relish. This was pretty meh too, the lamb was chilly cold and I couldn't be bothered heating it on the lid :P

The main event - Kung Pao chicken - stir fried with rice and vegetables. Again, average. But really, what can one expect from airplane food!? I know NotQuiteNigella had a post not so long ago regarding airplane food in all its (not so much) merits, but I have never thought a whole lot about it!!

Apparently there is an 'As You Like It' option for the Brisbane-Dubai leg which involves vegetable pie, classic beef gravy pie, fresh seasonal fruit and assorted chocolate bars. Does this mean you can order as much as you like of these when you want?! I want! We'll see what I'm offered on the Brisbane-Dubai leg. Coming soon! Look forward to more exciting airplane food as well as deets of my first meal(s) in SG! Wahahaha.

One Love.


  1. Sweeptakes will be up in the next couple of days. Just need to knuckle out how it's going to work ;)

  2. Hey dude. If you have time drop by to Malaysia, lol, you get awesome crab at Port Klang!

  3. Hi hi. Thanks for the comments guys! Will definitely go Msia if i have time. Crab heaven!

    btw, who are you azngeek? :D