Friday, February 26, 2010

East vs West!

One thing I notice in Singapore is that there are many many many different types of cuisine here. Though the main ethnicities are Chinese, Malay and Indian, everyone is Singaporean and so the food, whatever cuisine, always has a Singaporean take on it.

The food is exceptionally cheap. Usually a plate of noodles from a hawker centre is just $3. Can upsize for $5 - the portions are usually quite small, but well suited to the climate. If you eat a large portion, you may be feeling quite heavy and lethargic in the afternoon heat. Western food is comparatively more expensive. The usual chains like McDonalds run about $6 a meal, and Western food in a cafe or restaurant won't drop below $10.

Last night we ate at 15 Minutes, the on-campus cafe at Lasalle College of the Arts:

They serve a good selection of burgers, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, as well as beer and other alcohol!

Lychee Soda.

Sotong (squid) balls. Made from real squid - YUM! Fried goodness, light and puffy. Good with chili sauce.

Mushroom rocket salad.............. in a JAR! This one's for you, Dan. You'd love this place! Quirky idea, huh?

My meal: Chef's burger - home-made patty, salad, mushrooms, garlic, swiss cheese, fried egg! Reminds me of home haha. Patty was really decent aye, I'm really loving the home-made patty. Really decent chuck, medium grind, good outer char, left rare in the middle - now that's a real burger! Mix of ingredients here worked really well. You know I love teh burgers! Can't wait to try Carl's Junior. Shek, recommend me that burger again??

Ham and Mushroom Pink Sauce Linguine - damn creamy and delicious, with a really strong hard cheese flavour. Ivan couldn't finish, it was so rich!

Jasone's pepperoni pizza. Good thin handmade base! Maybe should have been cooked at a higher temperature for more crispyness, but it was good. The pepperoni wasn't real pepperoni after Sal's NY Pizza back in Auckland. I miss you Sal's!!!

Let me tell you something about Jasone: he likes to eat. Being a young guy (19), he can eat and eat and his metabolism takes care of everything - he is so skinny! On the first day in the office, he ate two lunches and two dinners. I wish I could be like him again.....

Today's lunch was at Koufu - a foodcourt near work. The name is hilarious.

Inside are a bunch of stalls lined up - generally they specialise in one particular cuisine or dish. Of course, there's the ubiquitous Chicken Rice stall too!

Yum! But no prawn?? =(

Lunch: Char Kway Teow. Mark says this is the best Char Kway Teow in the area - and from a foodcourt no less. It was YUM! Real good wok hei (wok air) flavour, lots of spice and depth of flavour from the different sauces used in the mix. I'll have to go back and find out what exactly goes into this. Apart from the hokkien noodles, got lap cheung (Chinese dried sausage), fish cake, mini oyster, bean sprout. Delicious! Mark is going to take me to the BEST (in his opinion, of course) Char Kway Teow on the island - near to the old office at Haji Lane. Can't wait!!

Iced Lemon Tea to cool me down while eating the Char Kway Teow.

After lunch we went to the local supermarket to buy fruit. Look at these KOREAN strawberries. Shipped all the way here! They are elongated and half white colour - not very appetising compared to the ones we pick back in NZ. However, I had a chance to try them and they are actually sweet and with a decent flavour. No comparison with NZ strawberries though!

Watermelons! Not a bad price for how damn big they are! Yum, gonna love eating all the fresh tropical fruit over here.

That's today's meals. More to come tonight :D

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